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Finsolution Consultants Limited

“Re-Inventing Business Success” 

FinSolution is a Kenya based Business and ICT consultancy firm majoring in Enterprise Financial Transformation, Enterprise Performance Management, ICT Strategy Consulting, Business Digital Transformation, ICT Security Consulting, Corporate Training, Research and Development.

Our Core Values



We are commited to effective perfomance in every activity we indulge into. And we will handle you like professioanals.



We are honest and we are consistent in adhearing to strong moral and ethical principles and values.



We will be truthful, trustworthy and genuine throughout our engagement.



You can rest assured that we know what we are doing.Our personel is highly trained and qualified.

"We have a passion for creating opportunities and providing support to clients to maximize their business and personal objectives.
Our staff are dedicated to offering individual attention and possess the ability to “talk the client’s language”.

Our Vision: To be the best business and information technology transformation consulting firm in East Africa and beyond, driven by professionalism, integrity and global standards.


Mission: Reinventing Business Success

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver truly tailored services and solutions based on our extensive and global experience. Because of our unique integrated model, we can provide high quality services wherever our clients are located.Moreover, our diversely trained team is able to understand cross-business issues and advise any client on the four areas of our offerings

Our Commitment.


1st Floor Stanbank House,
Moi Avenue.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254 722 787392